200sx CA18DET vs B20Bvtec ballade

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200sx CA18DET vs B20Bvtec ballade

Postby Just_Cruzn » Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:12 pm

RWD + Launching > FWD's

1st Gear I'm a head by 1 car

2nd gear he starts closing on me and his next to my door, I can hear that Vtec lifting!

change to 3rd his nose is by my front fender

change to 4th I'm still ahead, then the robots turn red up ahead we both have to down gear and easy on the brakes.

I rolled down my passenger window slightly and I hear the guy in the ballade talking to his friend in the OTHER b20bvtec, civic, saying "wow that thing launches hard"

If i would guess, i would say the first robot to the next robot was about a quarter of a mile.

The next robots are about a 1km stretch of road :twisted:

I decided to try launch at lesser RPM's, because i felt that i got quiet a lot of wheel spin the first time.

We are sitting revving at the robots like a bunch of hooligans and then the lights turn green the b20bvtec ballade gets the launch on me and now it my turn to play catch up

1st gear he was a car ahead

change to 2nd and he is still a car ahead

end of 2nd i start pulling him in slowly

change to 3rd and I'm next to his back bumper

end of 3rd I'm next to his drivers door

change to 4th and I'm in front on him

i keep it in 4th (it seems to be quiet a long gear) and I begin pulling him away, 1 car ahead, 2 cars ahead.

The scary thing about the first race was, the other b20bvtec, civic, edged ahead of me in 3rd gear on the far left and in 4th.

2nd race the other b20bvtec, civic, couldn't keep up to me on the top end.

The Ballade is apparently a stock b20bvtec, i don't know for sure though, the civic has an exhaust, branch and chip (Uni Q plus)

My first B20bvtec kill so I'm happy and proud of my car.

This was my first proper race in months, now time to give my car some TLC till the next race :D
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