s13 vs G5 gti & Mazda3 mps

Going fast in a straight line

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s13 vs G5 gti & Mazda3 mps

Postby future sx owner » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:02 am

s13 vs gti

Me n my bro was driving home my bro was behine me in his prelude and i stoped at a robot, there was a bukkie next to me n da gti behind it. so i pull off normally then in my mirror i see da gti behine my bro then went next to him wanting a race, they had a little go but my bro was not interested so he came chasing me ( i was a littler in front). i saw him coming then i gear down n went 4 it. i kept him behind me, he couldnt pass! then we stoped at a robot, we went 4 it again 1st i my bumper was in front 2nd stay da same by da end of 3rd he close on me a little, we were maybe even, then we had to break.

S13 vs mps

i was turning left on to a straight n da mps was opposite me turning right on the same straight. at 1st i did kno it was a mps till we stop at a robot. i looked over to him to see if da guy was keep but da tint was so dark i couldnt see him haha. we both lunch gentle then i gun it to see if he'll follow, which he did 1st i was amybe 1 car ahead 2nd he didnt close much on me maybe ha was just behind my back bumper but come 3rd he fly pass me!!!!! by da end of 3rd he was like 5car ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i couldnt believe it! dont kno if we wer going up hill have anything to do with it or may be its a mod mps! either was dat thing was really fast or i'm really slow!

anyway i race a few car b4 n i always seem to start dropping back in 3rd, is 3rd da s13 weaker gear??? or is it just my car?
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Postby Pinkfluffybunnys » Thu Mar 10, 2011 6:40 am

Good Runs There Dude :D
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Postby Draco » Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:32 am

Good runs there buddy....see...a standard sx can hold it's own....
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