SR20VE vs G6 GTI. (Highway)

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SR20VE vs G6 GTI. (Highway)

Postby Pinkfluffybunnys » Tue Mar 01, 2011 9:21 am

Sitting in traffic on the highway this G6 comes flying passed so I give chase now the highway was pretty crowded and I don’t weave between cars lucky for my he got stuck behind a slow car that was moving over, I was right on his tail so I geared back to 4th in anticipation of him putting his foot down and he did.

4th Gear - Golf Clears and Puts his foot down, I do the same little delay before VVL engagement but to my surprise once in lift I started closing the gap kept my foot down hard till,I was ridding his bumper then backed off he carried on going.

I was expecting a little more on top from a G6 GTI to be honest.
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